Maticbot is a Bitcoin exchange broker with an integrated artificial intelligence that adopt the arbitrage system of trading to help grow the Bitcoin of traders thereby generating huge profit normally between 1%-2% without fail every 8hrs for the member - trader.

There is no package to purchase, just deposit any amount of BITCOIN into their system and grow it every 8 hours.

You can always top up your trading capital if you so desire.

This type of trading is called Arbitration.

You have an opportunity to withdraw it anytime from Monday to Friday because your Bitcoin asset is not locked by the system.

How do I make profit with MaticBot? How does it work?

MaticBot is a Cryptocurrency trading platform where you can choose to trade manually or hire a bot to trade for you.

A trade can be likened to buying a book at $10 and selling it at $12 for a profit of $2. That is the concept of trading; buying and selling for profit making.

A similar thing happens here with MaticBot. You buy a Cryptocurrency at a lower price and sell it at a price higher than the buying price.

The difference between the selling price and the buying price becomes your profit.

The amount of profit made with MaticBot per trade is not fixed. It varies.

Each trade has its own percentage and therefore its profit will also be slightly different.

For instance, a trade of 1.4% on $100 will certainly be a little bit higher than 1.2% on same $100.

Now let us use a percentage of 1.5% to estimate how much one can earn in a month with a trading capital of $100.

Note; the percentage is not fixed. It changes during every trade.

So if we are using 1.5% it will be 1.5% × $100 = $1.5 per trade.

The company takes 45% of that $1.5, the team building aspect or networking takes 15% and you will receive 40% of the $1.5.

40% × 1.5 = $0.6. That means you will be making a profit of $0.6 per trade with your $100.

The robot trades 3 times in a day (24 hours). So within a period of 24 hours, your profit will be $0.6 × 3 = $1.8.

In a month your profit will be $1.8 × 30 = $54 assuming that BTC PRICE REMAINS THE SAME JUST AS U PURCHASED AT THE TIME OF YOUR ENTRY INTO THE BUSINESS

The profit simulation at the end of the month from the $100 may exceed the simulation because of the compounding effect of trades and also should BTC PRICE INCREASE DURING THE PERIOD

What is compounding effect here? If your first trade starts with $100 and gives you a profit of $0.6.

Your second trade automatically starts with $100.60 (sum of your trading capital and first profit).

That will give you a profit slightly higher than the first one and it continues in that order.

I hope the compounding effect and the general trading concept of MaticBot is understood.

You can register on Matic bot through this link:


1. Take a clear picture of your ID. Both front and back. (Thus if you are using an ID that has front and back)

2. Take a picture of yourself with your ID in your hand clearly showing your face and the ID at the same time.

3. Take a picture of your proof of address (e.g. bank statement, utility, etc.) that bears yours not more than three months old).

4. Open all the photos you have taken in steps 1-3 and take a screenshot of each and crop to reduce the images sizes below 1mb. Note: Any image size above 1mb will be rejected.

5. Upload the screenshot images. (Do not upload the ones you took with your phone directly. Rather use the one you cropped from the screenshot).

6. Wait for validation.

If you follow these steps judiciously, you will get approved.


If you are using a passport, upload the same screenshot of your bio page as the back page. (It worked for me personally).